I am a magazine editor based out of NC. I’m looking for models with a distinctive and innovative look. Envy magazine was born February 2011, built on showing the top 3 things we look for in a model: Beauty, Body, and Sex Appeal. The photographer (Derrick S Clegg) has been in this industry for 6 years, and has had much success. Publications include 3G Fashion Magazine, Gorgeous Magazine, FBM (Cover), Big Tigger Kitten of the month (Nadia Jo), Source Magazine (Junk aka Candy), Skintones, Enflozen Magazine (Interview). Don’t forget to check out his work on www.imagesbyclegg.com and www.modelmayhem.com/imagesbyclegg. The retoucher (Denetra Clowe) is a Graphic Design major who puts in much work giving our images a clean and crisp finish. Check more of her work out at www.modelmayhem.com/touchbyclowe.


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