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Administration Part Time Work from Home Computer Job

Work from Home Administration - Computer Online Data Entry & Short Studies / Feedback - Part Time & Full Time Work - No Experience Needed, Training Provided

We specialize in market research and are looking for help in some of our work at home computer positions . We are currently looking for individuals interested in participating in remote short studies and data entry / feedback for our company and our industry partners.

No experience is required as we provide full training through our online Zoom training.

Salary :

Based on experience, this position pays up to £34.00 per hour.

Some of the Industries in Which We Work.

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More About Us.

Before a business ramps up production and begins an expensive marketing campaign, they look to find answers from real-world consumers.

They want to know such things as what age group would most likely purchase the item they’re selling and what income bracket does that age group fall into?

Maybe they want to know how often one would need their service and in what parts of the country do these individuals live.

So, how do we go about helping find these answers? Well we have an array of tools we use to pinpoint the needs of our customers.

We use concept testing, tracking studies, choice modelling, risk analysis, advertisement research, online surveys and focus groups to name a few.

But none of these work unless we have participants who are willing to answer questions, join focus group zoom meetings or even test products hands-on and provide feedback.

We also need assistance creating questions that serve to extract information from future consumers. We need help in extrapolating raw data from surveys, entering data into software and interpreting what it all means.

We need all kinds of help and the best part is that all the work we need done can be done from your home office.

If you feel like you have interest in working remotely and in temporary part-time or full-time positions, feel free to submit your application.

You could become an integral member helping businesses understand their market and ultimately locating their next customer.

Posted in 21 February 2023

Expired in 21 March 2023

This vacancy has been closed