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Farm Foreman (Live On Site)

The salary not being exposed by the employer means that you can negotiate based on the company's industry partnerships and collaborations. 2023-03-11 marked the opening of the Farm Foreman (Live On Site) job opportunity, which will end on 2023-03-26. OMOKEHINDE FARMS LTD is hiring for full time positions with opportunities for remote work. Although the vacancy is in Bono East, the company may accept applicants from anywhere who meet the requirements listed. The work will be done at Bono East, Brong Ahafo. This job vacancy demands that you have passed postgraduate degree to be eligible.

Position : Farm Foreman (Live On Site)

Seeking a qualified agriculture/husbandry farm foreman with experience in managing all aspects of farming, supply chain marketing and sales, contractor engagement services.

Competitive compensation package for the right candidate. 

Required profile for job ad : Farm Foreman (Live On Site)
  • Candidate must be qualified in all aspects of the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals. Including marketing and sales. 
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Founded in 2021, the team at OmoKehinde Farms LTD is dedicated to bringing high quality 100% Organic and GMO-Free products to our local and global markets. 

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We employ seasoned farmer and professionals who understand the value of taking pride and ownership of their work. We provide much needed resources to the communities we serve as well as jobs for the locals in addition to stimulating the economies with support and opportunities for the local and surrounding marketplaces. 

OmoKehinde Farms LTD is committed to not only being the best farming operation on the continent of Africa, but also being the most involved with building our continent and empowering families across the Diaspora

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Posted in 2023-03-11

Expired in 2023-03-26

This vacancy has been closed