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City of Norwalk, CT



City of Norwalk, CT is looking for full time candidates who are detail-oriented. One of the prerequisites for applying for this job is the successful completion of high school. The employer is willing to consider candidates from outside of City of Norwalk, as long as they are willing to relocate if offered the job. The work is required to be performed at City of Norwalk, CT. $152,241/year is the salary that you will be paid for this job if your application is successful. The Assessor job opening was released on 2023-03-11, and it will be removed on 2023-06-09.

Description of Work

Position Definition: Plans, organizes and administers the activities and the statutory responsibilities of the Assessor’s office.

General Duties: Receives written or oral instructions from the Chief Financial Officer. Plans and organizes work of office in accordance with budget making schedule, City Charter and statutory deadlines. Supervises and participates in the valuing of all taxable property to establish the Grand List. Administers the activities of the office through subordinates in the functional areas of appraisal, classification and recording of taxable property. Supervises inspections of existing properties, improved properties and properties under construction to determine value of properties. Inspect and value real property with a value over $1.5 million. Maintains and updates information concerning land, motor vehicles and personal properties. Supervises maintenance of records and lists. Supervises the preparation of Tax Maps and GIS parcel layer updates. Oversees and coordinates the periodic revaluation of all taxable property. Organizes and conducts special studies to assure continuing equity of assessments. Supervises contracted appraisal services and revaluation services and is responsible for acceptance of contracted work. Reviews and records authorized tax exemptions. Inspects and prorates assessments to new properties under construction. Projects estimated values of proposed building or commercial developments for planning purposes. Provides information to other City departments, attorneys and members of the public. Coordinates assessment appeals. Serves as principal spokesperson of City in any litigation arising out of the assessment process. Supervises and trains professional appraisal and clerical administrative staff. Prepares and recommends office budget to the Chief Financial Officer. Administers approved budget. Administers collective bargaining agreement and personnel policies for office employees. Plans and implements new office procedures. Submits regular and annual reports to the State Commissioner of Revenue. Prepares statistical and narrative reports for the Budget Director, Mayor and the Common Council upon request.
Supervises automated processing ofassessment notices. Reviews and recommends need for, and assists in selection of, private appraisal services. Supervises the training and development of employees of the office. Obtains additional training and education in Appraisal and Assessment Laws and techniques.

Supervised By: This position is appointed by the Mayor and receives general direction from the Chief Financial Officer.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of assessment law, assessment methods and appraisal techniques. Ability to interpret assessment law. Knowledge of the statutory requirements of the Assessor’s office. Administrative and executive ability to initiate, organize and follow through on municipal assessment programs. Knowledge of data processing applications pertaining to assessment methods. Ability to supervise and train employees. Ability to deal effectively with members of the public, attorneys and real estate developers and construction personnel. Ability to present ideas and policies to individuals and groups. Ability to prepare a departmental budget. Ability to prepare clear, concise written and oral presentations.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting or some closely related field and six years of increasingly responsible experience in real and personal property appraisal work including four years of municipal assessment work with two years in an administrative position. Relevant work experience in real and personal property appraisal work may be substituted for the above mentioned college training on a year-for-year basis.

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Special Licenses/Certifications AND/OR Supplemental Information

Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor I (CCMA I) or equivalent from other states is required. Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor II (CCMA II) or equivalent is strongly preferred and it must be obtained within two years of appointment. Motor Vehicle Operator’s License is required.

This position is a Grade 9.

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Posted in 2023-03-11

Expired in 2023-06-09