White Plains Hospital

Laboratory Inventory Specialist

White Plains Hospital Job Description

Title : Laboratory Inventory

Job Code : 500402

Department / Location :

Reports to : Laboratory Director

Position Summary

Orders and maintains par levels, expiration dates, and lot numbers for laboratory inventory management and operations

Essential Functions and Responsibilities Includes the Following :

1. Understands and adheres to the WPH Performance Standards, Policies and Behaviors.

2. Conducts inventory counts, orders, and restocks items daily.

3. Maintains inventory levels based on current usage and par levels set by the Surgical Services Materials & Business Manager.

4. Works closely with the Laboratory Leadership team to ensure adequate levels of supplies are always available.

5. Reviews volumes and ensures adequate supply of reagents

6. Places requisitions for supply orders through GHX. Utilizes Meditech as needed for PO follow up, pick list printing,

7. Restocks shelves on a first in, first out basis and ensures product is kept neat, organized, and easily accessible

8. Works with the Purchasing Department to confirm orders and product availability.

9. Proactively checks for product backorders, communicates and provides updates to Laboratory leadership

10. Serve as specific and dedicated Service Line Liaisons- for service updates, inventory concerns, and product backorders.

11. Maintains a clean and safe environment for all staff members and patients.

12. Attends mandatory monthly staff meetings and in-services as appropriate.

13. Completes annual department and hospital competency requirements.

14. Adheres to all WPH policies and procedures including dress code, code of conduct, customer service, attendance and submission

of annual occupational health requirements.

15. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Education & Experience Requirements

Core Competencies

Physical / Mental Demands / Requirements & Work Environment

May be exposed to chemicals necessary to perform required tasks. Any hazardous chemicals the employee may

be exposed to are listed in the hospital’s SDS (Safety Data Sheet) data base and may be accessed through the

hospital’s Intranet site (Employee Tools / SDS Access). A copy of the SDS data base can also be found at the

hospital switchboard, saved on a disc.

Must be able to lift, push and pull heavy objects (up to 50 pounds), stand, sit, bend, stoop and walk for extended

periods of time in order to perform the outlined job duties properly and safely

Primary Population Served

Check appropriate box(s) below :

â Neonatal (birth 28 days) â Patients with exceptional communication needs

â Infant (29 days less than 1 year) â Patients with developmental delays

â Pediatric (1 12 years) â Patients at end of life

â Adolescent (13 17 years) â Patients under isolation precautions

â Adult (18 64 years) â Patients with cultural needs

â Geriatric (>

65 years) â ’All populations

â Bariatric Patients with weight related comorbidities â Non-patient care population

The responsibilities and tasks outlined in this job description are not exhaustive and may change as determined by the needs

of White Plains Hospital.

Posted in September 9, 2022

Expired in December 10, 2022

This vacancy has been closed