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Legend Integrated Logistics

Container Stuffer Assistant [Jurong Island/Loading/Unloading] - Part-Time


Looking for container stuffer for two weeks

Starting from 13 October 2023.

Timing : 9am-5pm

8.15am can meet at Jurong east, supervisor will pick you up to Jurong island back and forth.

Payout : $14 / hr, if commit throughout $15 / hr the whole period

Jobscope :

Requirements :

This job is weekly paid.

Work Schedule :

This job has the following work schedule :

Shifting schedule

Evening shift

Afternoon shift

Morning shift

Benefits & Perks

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Training & professional development

This job is located in Jurong Island, West, Singapore.

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Posted in 2023-10-17

Expired in 2024-01-12


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