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Microsoft Office Developers

Position : Microsoft Office Developers

Developers’ Responsibilities in Microsoft Office

  • Computer programmers and software engineers who have completed Microsoft’s certification process and demonstrated expertise in the development of Microsoft Office applications are known as Microsoft Office developers. Their primary responsibilities include creating tools for programmers to write code, adding necessary requirements to applications, and conducting tests to ensure the proper functioning of all software, upgrades, and modifications. Microsoft Office developers also provide technical support to clients, assisting them in troubleshooting issues and identifying solutions. To have a better understanding of the role, the key responsibilities of Microsoft Office developers are listed below:
  • Customising software development to fit company workflows
  • Recognising and resolving security vulnerabilities associated with publicly disclosed Microsoft products is an essential responsibility. This includes troubleshooting computer issues as reported by users and taking the necessary steps to resolve them.Guidelines for creating a secure Node.js environment can help to address this task.
  • Providing customers with how-to guides and other instructional materials to assist them in learning how to use a new product.
  • Assisting Microsoft product developers in identifying and resolving bugs by suggesting practical alternatives and effective bug-hunting strategies.
  • Identifying issues and organising solutions into a database.
  • Delivering accurate and timely setup and customisation reports written in a technical style.
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Essential Skills

  • As a developer who works with Microsoft Office, having a thorough comprehension and knowledge of Office 365 as well as other programs that are compatible with the suite is crucial. Moreover, it is also essential to have an extensive understanding of Microsoft Office and the required skills and abilities to produce efficient results.
  • Demonstrable expertise and proven success in combining various components of Office 365 such as SharePoint, Teams, and Power Flow.
  • Exhibiting professionalism and mastery of programming languages and environments such as .NET, Windows, and the Web.
  • Possessing a strong grasp of object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Holding a thorough understanding of fundamental operating system concepts, such as processes, threads, scheduling, and memory management.
  • Proficient in reading and comprehending C/C++, .Net, and other code at an expert level.
  • Demonstrating proficiency and expertise in designing and developing server-side APIs using C#, ASP.NET, and K2.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Acquaintance with K2 APIs and the necessary tools for integrating and designing Restful services.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Task Estimation: Leveraging Delivery Groups to Streamline Processes
  • Proficiency in designing and executing end-to-end technologies and systems, including essential estimation tools and testing mechanisms.
  • Exhibiting expertise in software development life cycle structures, as outlined in our blog post “Software Project Outsourcing: 5 Tips for a Smooth Rollout.”

At Works, we offer access to a global network of experienced and skilled Microsoft Office developers, available to work with you on a freelance, full-time, or contractual basis, depending on your specific needs.

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Works is an AI-driven Web3 work platform that enables companies to find, match and hire the world's best software developers remotely and on demand. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to match businesses with top skilled talent in software engineering, UI / UX design, product and project management within 48 hours. Its Machine Language translation in text, voice and real-time audio enables clients and talents from different backgrounds to connect, work and collaborate together without language barriers. Works aims to disrupt the long, overdue traditional hiring processes and develop the world's most collaborative talent network - one that is without language barriers, aligns incentives, redistributes economic value and shares long-term interest with our talents and clients.

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